Massages and therapies

Massages and therapies

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Price list of massages and therapies

Type of therapy / massageDurationPrice (EUR)
"Shiroabhyanga" head massage20 minutes18 €
Facial massage "Mukha Abhyanga"15 minutes16 €
Full body massage "Abhyanga"1 hour37 €
"Greeva Basti" neck and shoulder massage30 minutes23 €
Foot massage "Padabhyanga"20 minutes18 €
"Shirodhara" oil massage45 minutes40 €
Therapy "Sarvangadhara"1 hour35 €
Special cosmetic treatment30 minutes23 €
Special joint treatment "Janu Basti"30 minutes25 €
Thermal massage "Svedana"1 hour40 €
Inhalation "Nasya"30 minutes20 €
Synchronous massage40 minutes36 €
Medical Consultation (Ayurvedic Vaidya)20 minutes12 €
Special facial pack20 €
Special eye treatment "Netra Tarpana"20 €
"Vaspha Svedha" steam bath30 minutes18 €
Herbal bath "Bashpa Vana"30 minutes16 €
Flower bath "Pushpa Vana"30 minutes17 €
Half day packagePrice on request
All day packagePrice on request
1 week packagePrice on request
There is also a 2-week package and also a long-term treatmentPrice on request
For special diseases such as joint pain, Parkinson's disease, arthritis and chronic diseases.Price after consultation with the doctor

Any type of treatment is available at the hotel, especially after consultation with a doctor.

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